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  • This Module part is prepared by Lydmila Zadorozhnya, Móðurmál, Iceland

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  • This Module part was prepared by Güray Karakaya, AFAD, Turkiye

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  • This Module part was prepared by Lubomír Hájek and Petra Garay, Tauferova střední odborná škola veterinární Kroměříž, Czech Republic

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  • This Module part was prepared by Anne CHIAMA, Paul FERNANDEZ and Frédéric GUILLERAY, Lycée Louis Jouvet de Taverny, France.

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  • This Module part was prepared by Justyna Pająk-Jaroszewska, Martyna Florkowska-Kardasz, IRSIE, Poland

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  • This Workshop was designed by Tatjana Christelbauer, Tamara Tomasevic and Geraldine Fitoussi-Hoffmann, ACD, Austria

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  • Policy recommendations, and statements from Youth who participated in the Forum, during the mobility meeting of the project team ERASMUS+ Le_MOON project teams in Manisa, Turkiye 5th-9th of February 2023

    Activity initiated and supported by ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy Vienna, Austria team member, with the aim to endorse the discussions and shape the views shared by youth in a paper form which can be presented to policymakers and further elaborated by developing activities, continuing dialogues, investigating conditions, co-creating opportunities to engage in & improve conditions 4now&then, together & one, by one.

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