Practical task 2. Selecting ICT tools for the chosen assessment scenario

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Practical tasks objectives

To select ICT tools for the chosen assessment scenario submitted as Practical tasks 1 in this course.


To have the assessment scenario ready (as Practical tasks 1).

Steps to implement practical tasks

  • Select the template from course material following your type of assessment described in Assignment 1
  • Fill in the template with your preferences
  • Indicate your decision – which ICT tools are available to implement your digital assessment online (Consult your teachers if needed)
  • Write your decision in the table bellow
  • Attach this Assignment form along with ICT tools selection template that you have filled in as assignment in this course.

Evaluation criteria

  • ICT tool selection table is chosen correctly following Assignment 1 (10 %)
  • ICT tool selection table is filled with (10 %)
  • Selected ICT tools are indicated in Assignment 2 description and submitted together with ICT tool selection table (10 %)