Practical task 1. Developing assessment scenario for the chosen learning trend

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Practical tasks objectives

To design assessment strategy for a selected learning innovation/ trend


To be able to explain one selected learning innovation/ trend

Steps to implement practical tasks

  • To select one learning innovation/ trend 
  • To select one or several assessment methods (from the theory provided in the course or from additional resources) 
  • To create a task using the table below as an example or template 
  • To fill in the assignment description - To upload the table with this assignment as a result 

Evaluation criteria

  • The assessment methods chosen are consistent with the learning objectives of the assignment (20 %) 
  • The assignment is described in terms of (80 % in total):
    • Learning objectives (15 %) 
    • Learning activity (10 %)
    • Assessment criteria for learning result (10 %) 
      • Peer assessment criteria, if peer learning is applied 
    • Weight of each criteria in overall assessment grade (15 %) 
    • Link with the real world (10 %)
    • Resources needed for learning activity (10 %) 
    • Time needed to implement the activity (10 %)