Interactive and Connected Learning

1. Interactive learning

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What is it?

Interactive learning is a more practical and real-life process of learning in the classroom. Passive learning depends on whether teachers informs and lecturing. Learners repeat facts, memorize information, figures or equations. However, with interactive learning, students are invited to take part in a conversation using technology (e.g., online Reading or Mathematical Applications) or in classroom exercises role-playing games, work in groups.

How does it help?
In addition to motivating students who are studied in an active and rich environment, interactive learning enhances critical thinking skills, which are essential factors in the development of analytical reasoning. A student, who can explore an open question with imagination and logic, learns how to make decisions, and not just retrieve information from the memory. In addition, interactive learning teaches learners how to co-operate and work successfully in a group, and this is a necessary skill for job performance  as jobs becomes more team based structures.

Connected Learning

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